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Getting started

EMQAL Documents

Quality Manual

Quality Procedures

QP01 Management Structures

QP02 Structure of the Study Programme

QP03 Selection of Candidates

QP04 Management of Complaints and Suggestions

QP05 Internal Quality Assurance

QPO6 External Quality Assurance

QP07 System Review

Technical Procedures

TP0101 Documentation Structure

TP0102 Inter-Institution Payments

TP0201 Guidelines for Research Thesis: Proposal, Distribution and Assessment

TP0202 Module Development

TP0301 Information for Students


M0101 - Template for Procedures

M0102 - List of Documents

M0205 - Research Thesis Proposals

M0201 - Module Descriptor

M0202 - Module Quality Assessment Report

M0203 - Students' Grade Record

M0204 - Attendance List

M0207 - List of Modules

M0208 - Study Plan Form

M0206 - Complete Study Plan

M0301 - Checklist for QA of Candidates

M0302 - Student Selection Grid

M0303 - Timetable for the Selection Process

M0501 - Students' Questionaire

M0502 - Lecturers' Questionaire

M0503 - Annual Questionaire for Students