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A displaylist can be used to control the order of topics presented to the user. The topics that show up in a given displaylist is controlled by a defined topicmap query. It's contents may also be manually controlled.


A slot can have one of the following states:


   The slot does not contain any topic.


   The slot has been automatically filled based on a given topicmap query


   The slot is locked to this position and will not be influenced by a change of state in other slots.


A slot's toolbar is reveleaed as you hover the mouse over the slot. The state of the slot decides which of the tools that are enabled for the users.


View details

   View additional details about the topic. Not enabled when the slot is empty.

Find and lock.

   Reveals a searchform where it is possible to do a free text search for a given topic. The chosen topic will be locked to the slot. Not enabled when the slot is locked.

Lock/Unlock slot

   «Lock slot» locks the current topic to this slot. «Unlock slot» frees the slot so it may be filled with other content


   Rearrange reveals a handle where the user can drag the current slot to a new position


   It is possible to drop a slot when the number indicator turn green. The slot will then be locked to the position that the number indicator shows. Note that it is not possible to replace a locked slot. 

Insert new slot

It is possible to manually insert a slot in the list by clicking on the «Click to insert new slot here» element located between each slot.


The user is given the opportunity to do a free text search and select a given topic that will be locked to the selected position in the list.

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