Modelling class/workshop

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(Climate) modelling course/workshop


Many of us are using modelling more or less extensively as a part of our thesis and even if one wouldn’t be using any model, it would be very beneficial to have some kind of knowledge of running some simulations. This class would use the NorESM model and benefit its development

The Idea

The idea of the course would be to study one specific test case with a model. Ideally this test case would involve changing the code slightly and setting up the test case and then of course running it. The analysis of the results would be probably interesting, but not in the main role of this course. Test cases could be also some sensitivity tests. This way the course could benefit the model development and at the same time teach a lot about the model

Time Plan

The course could be maybe intensive with one week of lectures and then a period of say 1 month for running the simulations and performing the analysis and then 1 day for the final seminars (maybe webinar so that people don't need to travel for one day).

Questions to find out and solve

  • Might be computer expensive, data storage?
    • The computer time shouldn't be much of a problem
    • Since the data storage is also short term it's probably not an issue
  • lecturers?
    • The best experience with NorESM is already in-house, here are some names with couple of outside guys
    • Bergen: Mats, Ingo, Helge
    • Oslo: Lars-Petter
    • Boulder: Cindy Bruyere
  • Examples of the somewhat similar ones out there already?
    • The University of Helsinki/Finnish met institute is offering a class, where they choose a different model each time and do some specific tests and write a short report. This class is also offered as a web-course for anyone interested.
    • There is also a the European Earth System and Climate Modelling School lead by the NCAS & MPI-M. . This way ResClim students would also have a guaranteed place on the class.