ResClim Bergen subgroup

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For discussion, problem solving, socilizing etc.


8.5.2012 - 15:00 - Kick off - Helland Hansen at GFI


  1. Short introduction about the idea
  1. Discussion (Depending on the number of people maybe divide into subgroups)
    1. Should there be two separate groups for PhD's and Post Docs
      1. If we think this is the case should we just divide immeadately?
    2. Who should be involved? (whole BCCR community?)
    3. What kind of meeting format should we have?

  1. Core group?
    1. Since nothing works without responsible persons we should probably decide who want to be in charge of organizing meetings etc. Maybe these persons could use their 25% duty for this work...
  1. Next 'meeting'
    1. Ideas?