Surviving Bergen

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Live in Bergen

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Social live

There are quite a number of events each week from seminars to movie nights. In order to get information from the coming events one of the best (and only) ways is to be on the right mailing lists. So in order to get most out of everything make sure that you are in these lists and join the events:

Main mailing lists

stipendiater (at) if you are by any chance related to Bjerknes centre you should be on this list.

BCCR/GFI Monday seminars

The main seminar in the BCCR community, interesting lectures each Monday at 11:15. If you want to present your work contact Aleksi Nummelin (at, Jenny Ulgren (at or Petra Langebroek (at

NERSC seminars

Seminar series at the Nansen Center, program can be found at
(PS in order to get in to the Nansen center just press the doorbell)

Journal Club

Discussion about the latest advances or the classic papers in earth sciences. Each Wednesday at 13:30 in Bjerknes meeting room, 3rd floor GFI east-wing.

Web page: Journal Club
Mailing list: journalclub (at) admin: Stefan Sobolowski (at

GFI Social

Social activities for us all, despite the name people outside GFI are also welcome! Main events are the Movie night, usually on the first Monday of the month, and the Friday Dinner & Drinks, on the first Friday following the 12th of each month.

Facebook page: GFI-social
Mailing list: gfi-social (at) admin: Thomas Spengler (at

Wednesday Lunch

Lunch outside the institute, usually at HIB next to the VilVite (great salad bar!). Mailing list: list admin is Jörg Schwinger, email him to join (jorg.schwinger at


User names & passwords

GFI specific

Uni specific

Nansen specific