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The Geophysical Institute has acquired a new computing system named which replaces the system from Summer 2018.

The computing performance has been enhanced substantially: The new system is a Dell PowerEdge R740 Server configuration with the following characteristics:

- Intel Xeon Gold 6140M, 18 cores, 72 threads, 2.3GHz, 25MB L3 cache

- 1.5 TB DDR4-2666 memory

- 2 NVIDIA Tesla GPU, 12 GB

Here are the key facts about using the new system

- For transition, you will need to recompile your code (if it is compiled code) for the operating system CentOS linux. This is the same operating system as on the UiB high-performace compute system Hexagon.

- There is no queue system on the new cyclone. Users can submit to the hexagon queue from cyclone (acts as login node).

- There is a 30-50% resource limitation per user. This will keep individual users from accidentally brining down the system.

- Different software configurations cand be activated using the command module

- Access to data storage will be maintained using existing paths, such as /Data/gfi.

- The same and additional software packages are available (your suggestions?)

- The system is maintained by the experts from UiB's HPC group. This should be an advantage for us.