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Sund Toll Register Meta

This wikipedia concern certain meta features related to the Sund Toll Registers Online (STRO). These documents might be moved and implemented at the main site at a later stage. The documents found on this site and on the are experimental and should not be refered too.

The site of the STR-O is Sund Toll Registers Online

Legal documents

Reference: Schou, Jacob Henric. Chronologisk Register over de Kongelige Forordninger og aabne Breve samt andre trykte Anordninger som fra aar 1670 af ere udkomne. Del 1 : Som indeholder K. Christian V Frr. fra 1670 til 1699 samt nogle før Hans Tid udkomne Anordninger. Kiøbenhavn 1777.

Correct reference: Kolderup-Rosenvinge. Kongelige Forordninger og Aabne Breve. XXIII Deel. Som indeholder Kong Christian den Ottendes Forordninger for 1839 til 1843. Kiøbenhavn 1844.

Please notice that this volume (Vol. 23) often is catalogized as Schou, Jacob Henric, Chronologisk Register over de Kongelige Forordninger og aabne Breve, som fra Aar 1670 af ere udkomne. This is NOT correct. Both the name of the publisher and the title of the series changed by volume 23. This 25 volume series have four different titles, vol 1-6, vol 6-10, 11-22 and 23-25 have different titles and the series have two different publishers Schou and Kolderup-Rosenvinge.

Earlier publications

Nina Ellinger Bang was a Danish historian (and politician) who was one of the first women to get an academic degree in Denmark. She had specialized on the Sund Toll Registers (1420s-1857) and she understood what unique historical document the STR was for the economic history of Northern Europe. Today we will also include political, social and cultural history as well. Nina E. Bang had an deep and profound knowledge of the source and her knowledge is "coded" into the publications.

Very valuable is the documentation, standardisation, coding and classification of ports and of products:

Nina E. Bang was in charge of the publication two first volumes. The last volumes were published after her death in 1926. Read more about Nina E. Bang in the STRM/obituary and in french translation

Find all the publication in the Bibliography

Coding and classification

The STRO (Sund Toll Registers Online) consist of raw data, i.e. commodities is described in nearly 200.000 ways and all the spelling variations of "Skokk" (=60 pieces) are kept. It is self-evident that any statistical analysis is quite difficult to do using non-standardised, non-metric, non-decimal and not categorised raw data. In order to make a computer-based analyse of the data possible, the raw data must be standardised, coded, categorised, converted into a coded version of the data. The coded version will not have all the spelling variations and numbers and word for numbers is converted into its metric eqivivalent. To make a fully coded version is a long and complicated process with several steps. However many of these can be done automatically by computers.

STRC A suggestion of how to create a converted and coded version of STR is documented

Litterature related to ship construction

Ship building Bræder Gran

Databases in Historical Research

Based on the STR-Online and the STR-database a online course have been created. Take the course here