Labview readout setup

LabVIEW programs for detector-lab instruments

Several subVIs has been made to ease the use of instruments avaliable in the lab. Larger VIs then use these subVIs to set up a complete test-system that can control, monitor and capture data from experiments.


The following subVIs has been made for the CAEN ADC. In addition the VIs provided by CAEN for the PCI-link bridge is needed to use these.


After the CAENVME_INIT subVI has been started (parameters "1,0,0"), a handle to the PCI-bridge is given. This handle is used by all subsequent VIs to communicate with the ADC. For further information refer to the technical documents for the ADC.

  • 'ADC_Reset' Resets the adc, stops data acqusition.
  • 'ADC_setMode' Set bitdepth, enable interrupt and auto-start acqusition after readout.
  • 'ADC_setTriggerMode' Sets internal/external/random trigger signal and edge.
  • 'ADC_setPostTrig' Sets the window position in relation to the trigger (0-127, 64 equals trigger in centre).
  • 'ADC_setTriggers' Enables the triggers, and sets the threshold voltage [-1, 1]V.
  • 'ADC_StartAcqusition' Starts capturing data, needs only to be run once if auto restart AC is enabled in ADC_setMode.
  • 'ADC_waitForInterrupt' Use this to pause loop until data is captured. Needs CAENVME_IRQEnable and interrupt enabled in ADC_setMode.
  • 'ADC_readRAM
  • 'Global_Settings' Global constants like ADC address and other shared variables are stored here.