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List of included modules in hierachical order:

Detector module interface (dm_if)

interface to readout electroncs for the detector modules. Reads energy, pixel and ASIC address, in addition to multihit information. Also controls the pipelined ADC.

MUX (scdp_ch_mux)


DPU interface (dpu_if)


rx register


tx register

tx control fsm

Address decoder (adrdec_bgo)

Binning control module (BCM) (bin_ctrl_module)

Scdp channel mux

Bin address generator

Bin access control

Swing buffer

Bin module address arbiter

Memory bus interface (mb_if)

RCU master (rcumaster)

LED control

Memory bus interface (mb_if)

XA config (xa_cfg)

Resync register

Clock reset (clkrst)

Timetag generation (tt_gen)