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List of included modules in hierachical order:

Detector module interface (dm_if)

interface to readout electroncs for the detector modules. Reads energy, pixel and ASIC address, in addition to multihit information. Also controls the pipelined ADC.

Offset substract

Finds and subtracts the offset from ADC data, ensuring a consistent mean value of zero between all four detector chains

Hit discriminator (hit_dicr)

determines whether there was an event or not?

Memory bus interface (mb_if)

MUX (scdp_ch_mux)


DPU interface (dpu_if)


rx register


tx register

tx control fsm

Address decoder (adrdec_bgo)

Binning control module (BCM) (bin_ctrl_module)

Scdp channel mux

Bin address generator

Bin access control

Swing buffer

Bin module address arbiter

Memory bus interface (mb_if)

RCU master (rcumaster)

LED control

Memory bus interface (mb_if)

XA config (xa_cfg)

XA register verification (xa_reg_verify)

FSM, ASIC configuration register verifier

RAM (dpram1k8)

RAM to memorize control register, dual port RAM for volatile XA configuration data

Memory bus interface



Resync register

Clock reset (clkrst)

Timetag generation (tt_gen)