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Here is some gathered information that should make it easier for those people who travel to CERN for the first time. Feel free to add & edit!

Documents to bring

NB! Your Teamleader has to sign the contract, the buget code has to be filled. Internal Address (Bergen office): Building 587, Ground Floor, R-031

Where to stay

-Cern hostel: If it is full, you can still get rooms here on a day-to-day basis. You have to show up at the reception each day when it opens (7.30), and then you usually get an extension of your stay.

  • Hint: If you don't have a bed for the night, you can ask the guard later in the evening (after 22/23:00). He gets a list and keys of the empty hostel rooms. These you can usually also get extended - as above.

-St.Genis- (Lies between CERN and ALICE)

-Between CERN and Geneve-

How to get to Cern

At the airport, just before you leave the luggage claim area, there are special machines where you can get a free public transport ticket.

Outside of the airport, take Bus 28, Direction: Meyrin-Village. Change to bus 56 Bus, Direction: CERN after a few bus stops.

What to do first at Cern

To do shifts

  • You need a security course, this you can do online: (
  • Request access for the control room in edh: --> Access Request. NB: You need a special EDH-password to be able to request, you can get this from AIS-support (Call 78888 when at CERN).

The rooms to request are: ALI-ACR and ALI-COF.

ALICE shiftwork

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