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* [[PET Project]]
* [[PET Project]]
* [[Calorimeter Activities]]
* [[Calorimeter Activities]]
* [[CALICE]]
* [[3D Detector Activities]]
* [[3D Detector Activities]]

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The aim of our research is to study high energy particle detectors, and to develop new detectors for the future. In particular, we are interested in studying medical applications of these detectors and to help bridge fundamental with technological research.

Our projects

Who are we?

  • Students: Hege, Kristine, Njål, Stian, Lars-Halvard, Andreas
  • Postdoctors: Heidi
  • Professors: Gerald, Bjarne, Dieter, Renate, Kjetil
  • Engineers: Dominik, Werner, Kåre

Where are we?

  • The laboratory is situated in the 3rd floor at the IFT, room 332.

Lab Equipment

Lab equipment list, how to's, equipment service log's etc...

Recent talks