FOCAL - Forward Calorimeter

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This page should contain information about the Focal project, especially about the interfacing from the Mimosa chips to the readout electronics.


Mimosa chips

File:Mimosa Phase-1 preliminary data sheet

Readout electronics

Adapterboard /Fanoutboard

The schematics of the boards is here: File:Adapter board.


Control and Readout board

The idea is to use a Xilinx Virtex 6 development board as a first prototype. The board would run Petalinux, and some software to access the firmware registers. A software framework for the TPC detector is to be adapted for the use on the Xirtex 6 board and Petalinux.


The VHDL counterpart is to be found here:


The software driver for the message buffer system can be found here:

Petalinux documentation: [1]

Download section

Shopping list

1x 2U 335mm Rack mount enclosure, Grey - 665-7712 - 556,29
1x RD-125A Switch Mode PSU, 5V/15A,12V/10A - 644-6941 - 662,16
3x DC/DC PoL,DOSA,2.4-5.5Vin,0.75-3.3Vo 6A - 150-758 - 116,16
1x 4.20mm,housing,MiniFit,receptacle,DR,6w, - 679-5773 - 2,064
1x BULGIN - BZH01/Z0000/11 - INLET, IEC, SWITCHED, RED - F9997237 - 57,39
1x MH CONNECTORS - MH3101S-8821 - COUPLER, RJ45, SHIELDED - F1122292 - 92,11
12x TYCO ELECTRONICS / AMP - 5569262-1 - JACK, RJ45, MULTI PORT, 2X4 - F1162485 - 102,42
2x L-COM - ECF504B-UAB - Modular Coupler - F1702375 - 91,31
2x USB cables - F1076669 - F1308878