How to run the RCU - DRORC - Busybox setup

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How to run the RCU - DRORC - Busybox setup

This shall be a step by step introduction on how to operate the setup and test Busybox firmware. For now this will be a collection of the necessary steps, but in a later stage the configuration part will become more automated.

You need access to the following systems: - DRORC PC - RCU - Busybox - Local trigger unit (LTU)

Setting up the system and getting ready to take data:

More general stuff

  1. Log into the Drorc machine as the date user.
  2. Configure the RCU with the conf-rcu alias. This sets up the RCU and configures the Front End Cards (FECs).
  3. Execute the /etc/boot/S40... script on the RCU-DCS. This changes the trigger from a software trigger to the DCS trigger intput.
  4. Start the infoBrowser on the drorc machine with the command "infoBrowser".
  5. Start date with the command "startdate".
  6. Log into the LTU: "ssh -X ltu@vme1".

This is the general setup and configuration done. Continue with the the setup of the LTU.

RCU stuff

LTU stuff

Busybox stuff

Datataking with date