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Cadence design with IHP 130nm process

Starting up the IHP SG13S Design Kit

The following steps describe how to install the Process Design Kit and start a new design.

Log on to one of the mikroservers:

ssh -X mikroserver2

The preferred shell is bash. When using another shell it will be necessary to change the installation routine and modify the initialization script accordingly.

First chose a parent directory, e.g.

cd ~/ihp

Copy the user environment design and set general Cadence environment variables by doing:

cp -rp /eda/design_kits/ihp_sg13/SG13S_616_rev1.0.2_a/work/skel .
source /eda/cadence/2016-17/scripts/analog_flow.sh

Change sh.cadence in ~/ihp/skel/cds to suit your needs. In particular you must define $IHP_TECH and $PROJECT according to your local environment

source ~/ihp/skel/cds/sh.cadence

Start the design environment by:

virtuoso &

Follow the Design Kit User manual found in the menu SG13S Features > Design Kit Documentation. Make sure that your web browser is closed or started from the microserver, else the file will not be found.