IHP 130nm process

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Cadence design with IHP 130nm process

Starting up the IHP SG13S Design Kit

The following steps describe how to install the Process Design Kit and start a new design.

Log on to one of the mikroservers:

ssh -X mikroserver2

The preferred shell is bash. When using another shell it will be necessary to change the installation routine and modify the initialization script accordingly.

Copy the user environment design to your chosen parent directory (e.g ~/ihp) and set general Cadence environment variables by doing:

cp -rp  /eda/design_kits/ihp_sg13/SG13S_616_rev1.5.0_a/work/skel ~/ihp
source /eda/cadence/2016-17/scripts/analog_flow.sh

Change sh.cadence in ~/ihp/cds to suit your needs. In particular you must define $IHP_TECH and $PROJECT according to your local environment

cd ~/ihp/cds/
source sh.cadence

Start the design environment by:

virtuoso &

Follow the Design Kit User manual found in the menu SG13S Features > Design Kit Documentation. Make sure that your web browser is closed or started from the microserver, else the file will not be found.