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= Pulse Generators =
= Pulse Generators =
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!Equipment Name
!Equipment Name

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Power Supplies

High Voltage

Equipment Name Description How To's
CAEN 40 Channel High Voltage System High Voltage DC power supply equipped with 4x POS 200V, 4x NEG 200V, 4x POS 2000V and 2 x POS 15 kV outputs CAEN 40CH HV PSU

'Medium' Voltage

Equipment Name Description I/O
Elektro Automatik EA-PSI 6150-01 150 V, 1,2A linear DC power supply RS232

Low Voltage

Equipment Name Description I/O Notes
TTi EL155 15V, 5A linear DC power supply
TTi EL302D 30V, 2A dual linear DC power supply
TTi QL355TP 15V, 5A / 35V, 3A / 35V, 0,5A + Aux, dual DC power supply GPIB, RS232, USB
TTi QPX1200 60V, 50A linear DC power supply USB, RS232, LAN
Oltronix Labpac 800T 15V/35V, 2A/1,1A
ITT AX 322 2x 30V, 2,5A Noisy

Standalone measuring

Equipment Name Description How to's I/O
Tektronix MSO4034 Mixed Signal Oscilloscop, 350 Mhz, 2,5Gs/s LAN, USB
Agilent MSO7054A Mixed Signal Oscilloscop, 500 Mhz, 4Gs/s LAN, USB
Keithley 2700 Multimeter / Data Acquisition System, 20 Channel GPIB, RS232
Keithley 2100 6 1/2 Digit Multimeter USB

Pulse Generators

Equipment Name Description How To's I/O
Agilent 33250A 80 Mhz Arbitrary Function Waveform Generator GPIB, RS232
Philips PM 5715 Pulse / Waveform Generator 50 Mhz


Equipment Name Description How To's
Phillips Scientific 6954 Wideband Amplifier, Gain: 100, Input Voltage: 10-28V. [Info]
Ortec VT120 Amplifier, Gain: 200, Input Voltage: 12V. [Info]

VME devices

Equipment Name Description How To's
Caen V2818 PCI bridge to VME controller
Caen V2718 VME controller
Caen V1729a 14 bit, 4 channel ADC
Caen V965a QDC
National Instruments VME-MXI-2 VME controller
Atlas TPLL Turbo Pixel Low Level card (TPLL) [TPLL&TPCC Info]