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  echo "source /eda/cadence/eda_general_init.sh" >> ~/.bashrc
  echo "source /eda/cadence/eda_general_init.sh" >> ~/.bashrc
  # IHP setup
  # IHP setup
  source ~/ihp/cds/sh.cadence
  echo "source ~/ihp/cds/sh.cadence" >> ~/.bashrc
Then finally on the computers in the lab (NOT connected to the mikroservers)
Then finally on the computers in the lab (NOT connected to the mikroservers)

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Set-up of connection to mikroservers and cadence virtuoso

This set-up will allow you to connect to the mikroservers and/or start Cadence virtuoso with one command without typing any password or host-names.

NB: This setup is for TSMC, but the commands can be tweaked to be used with IHP or AMS too.

The three mikroservers are :

  • mikroserver1.klientdrift.uib.no
  • mikroserver2.klientdrift.uib.no
  • mikroserver3.klientdrift.uib.no

Do the following:

  • Generate an ssh-key
ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/id.rsa -t rsa -N  
  • Copy the key with your identity to your chosen mikroserver (mikroserver3 is chosen in this example). NB: Replace USERNAME with your user name
ssh-copy-id USERNAME@mikroserver3.klientdrift.uib.no
  • Set up aliases for the connections in your terminal
echo "alias mikroserver1='ssh -X USERNAME@mikroserver1.klientdrift.uib.no'" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "alias mikroserver2='ssh -X USERNAME@mikroserver2.klientdrift.uib.no'" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "alias mikroserver3='ssh -X USERNAME@mikroserver3.klientdrift.uib.no'" >> ~/.bashrc

Also create another alias for your favourite mikroserver

echo "alias mikroserver='ssh -X USERNAME@mikroserver3.klientdrift.uib.no'" >> ~/.bashrc
  • source scripts inside .bashrc. This will make sure the scripts are loaded every time you log in, so you don't have to do it manually
# TSMC setup
echo "source /eda/cadence/2016-17/scripts/analog_flow.sh" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "source /eda/cadence/eda_general_init.sh" >> ~/.bashrc
# IHP setup
echo "source ~/ihp/cds/sh.cadence" >> ~/.bashrc

Then finally on the computers in the lab (NOT connected to the mikroservers)

echo "alias virtuoso="ssh -X USERNAME@mikroserver3.klientdrift.uib.no 'cd tsmc;virtuoso'&"" >> ~/.bashrc

The next time you open your terminal on your computer you can type


to start Cadence Virtuoso, or


to connect to mikroserver3 without any hassle!


  • Make sure you copy your ID (ssh-copy-id) to the correct mikroserver
  • Make sure you have restarted your terminal (or source ~/.bashrc) if the commands doesn't work
  • You have to be either connected to the UiB VPN or run the commands via the computers in the lab to be able to connect to microserver
  • If you are using another shell like zsh or csh the aliases has to be in ~/.zshrc or ~/.cshrc instead of ~/.bashrc
  • Make sure you have replaced all the instances of USERNAME with your usename, i.e "fli091"