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This wiki is created as a knowledge base for working with If the current team of mostly temp researchers potentially disappear in the future, the remaining researchers and grad students at infomedia should have a very cool machine that can use, for that to happen, this wiki needs to be populated with knowledge of how to use the machine and its software.

IMDB - infomedia database

IMDB or nelson is a research computer for computationally thirsty researchers at infomedia. The machine is located at

Adding new users

To add a new user, a previously approved user has to create an issue at

The IT department needs to know:

  • The machine the user should be added to (
  • The UiB username of the new user.
  • If the user should have sudo.

All of these should be explicitly stated in the issue, otherwise the IT department will have to ask and then it will take longer before the user is added.

Installing software

Storing data

  • MongoDb [start mongo with 'sudo systemctl start mongod' when the server reboots. should be in startup script, probably.. Added to /etc/rc.d/rc.local (with sudo) - lets see if it starts mongo on the next reboot..]

Project conventions

Web server


Currently running projects

TCP/IP Ports

Running services

Stuff we need to document


Installed software