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We have two disks:

  • /scratch (5.0T, not backed up)
  • /data_bck (500G, backed up by IT)

Each of these have a private and a public folder.

Data that is shared should be in the public folder, user individual project should go in the private folder.

Public data should be documentet in this wiki.

Set up access right to comply with this.

Do not store large things in your home-folder. Though we use our university accounts to log in, the $HOME folder on the system is not the same as your $HOME on the university system, but part of the storage for the OS.

From the README file

  • /scratch

scratch file space is dedicated only to temporary data. Data can be erased on regular intervals without any prior notification. It can not be used for permanent data storage. Data on /scratch will NOT be backed up.

  • /data_bck

For long term storage and backup please see README on /data_bck disk.