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These course plans will be further detailed and more readings added throughout the semester.

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The course provides the theoretical and technological foundations for developing and evolving model-centered information systems, in particular systems that are driven by semantic models, such as ontologies and vocabularies and that leverage big open data sets. The course also gives the academic background for supervised research on information systems that are based on semantic models.

The course reviews and discusses topical theories, technologies and standards for model-based and model-driven information systems and for suitable models and modelling languages. The course also involves actual development work using selected technologies and standards, and it covers a selection of closely related topics such as big open data, semantic Internet of Things (IoT), semantic social media, semantic web services and workflows, semantic interoperability, information systems architectures, privacy and security.

Semantic support for rapidly leveraging big open data sets in emergency situations is a possible application area. Examples of research and research methods in the area will also be presented and discussed.


The course will build on the introductory and intermediate courses in semantic technologies: INFO116 and INFO216. If you register for the course without theoretical background and practical / programming skills in semantic technologies (such as RDF, RDFS, SPARQL, OWL, Linked Open Data, Jena...), you are responsible for picking up the necessary background knowledge and skills on your own. Allemang & Hendler's book Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist is a good starting point.


You must attend 80% of the course sessions, and you must submit a written individual essay and a group programming project by the given deadlines. Two of the sessions, the essay presentations on Thursday 2017-11-09 and programming project presentations on Thursday 2017-11-23, are mandatory.

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Professor Andreas L Opdahl ( will lead the course in the autumn of 2017. For questions that are not strictly personal, always use the discussion forum (requires login) at If I receive general questions about INFO310 by email, I will answer them in the forum anyway, so it is fastest to post them directly there.