Big Data and Emergency Management

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Collaborative planning wiki for a new course on the uses of Big Data in Emergency Management, scheduled to run for the first time in Autumn 2018.

The intention is to evolve this wiki into a course wiki for the students taking the course, perhaps patterned after these existing course wikis: on semantic technologies programming (bachelor course) and on semantic technologies and big data (master course).

Anyone interested can read this, but contribution is limited to invited participants from the BDEM project. If you want to sign your contributions, you can do it with your initials in parenthesis like this: (ALO), but after a while I will try to remove initials and edit things into a coherent text.


Some background for the new course:

  • Course description: The formal description of the course as it currently appears in the university course list.
  • Context: Practical settings and formal requirements for the course, including the student's backgrounds, session lengths, semester outline, etc.

Planning Tasks

Some central planning tasks:

  • Central themes: Most urgent! Which themes do we want to cover in the course, and in which order do we want to present them?
  • Course book: Ideas for a new course book: the chapters should follow the central themes of the course.
  • Tools: Which tools should we include/teach/introduce as part of the course?
  • Exercises: Proposals for exercises to run as part of the course, tied to the course themes and preferrably using the tools, as well as which data to run the exercises on.
  • Literature: Proposals and ideas for literature we can use in the course - preferrably explicitly tied to the themes.

Getting started with wikis

If you are new to editing wikis: consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Other resources: