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  • When looking for the oldest version of the Chronicle it is not possible to get beyond ...orians to discuss where the Chronicles of Zealand were written and also to look for an author.
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  • ...Martinus Dacus canonicus Parisiensis cancellarius regis” (DD 2.5.22). It looks as if Martin had had arrangements made so that he could give up the chance ...e is identical with the author of the Modi Significandi, for the questions look a little old-fashioned compared to that work. The difference in question st
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  • ...s (as GERTZ 1922, 268) and in the notes pointed out words that are made to look Latin but are actually French or Danish. There are occasional biblical ref ...0-24. [Incorrect placement of the biography at Øm, but a first attempt to look at it in terms of its international Cistercian context].
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  • narratio de origine gentis Danorum. As for the explicit we are probably looking in vain. The annalistic arrangement of the four versions (see Medieval r ...8 can be said to give us the most reliable impression of what the original looked like. As for the question of the contents of the original it emerges quit
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  • ...anguinea, was murdered by her husband, Herlo, who tried to make the murder look like suicide. The body was later thrown on to the beach, where miracles soo ...der. Brother and sister then take the necessary measures to make the crime look like suicide. The husband fakes grief and shame, and the neighbours are for
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  • ...ALD 1877, 51: GREEN-PEDERSEN 1964). Recent work, however, has attempted to look upon the Exordium 1 and other Scandinavian foundation chronicles “in thei The contents of the Øm Book have been looked upon primarily as elements in thirteenth century Danish legal controversi
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  • ...nding in an account of the discovery of an unnamed island by some Frisians looking for land in the ocean (ch. 40-41). Final stressing of the large space cl ...tude towards Hamburg-Bremen and its missionaries, geography, religion, the look of the people, characteristics, customs and traditions. The richness in det
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  • ...dle of the fourteenth century appears likely. There is probably no need to look any further than the cathedral chapter of Århus for the authors of both th
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  • ...nt to consider the highest point of Theodoricus’s Latin prose, we should look at the central chapters concerned with St. Olaf, e.g. at the end of ch. 20 ...r other nations. However, this should not be taken in the sense that he is looking for an international audience. The work was destined for the cathedral l
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  • we have already seen. Blatt himself phrases it thus (p. vii): "Saxo ... looked on his own age with the eyes of a Roman". ...colour, distinctive in diction, and perfect in shape, the medieval writers looked to a variety of ancient Roman models of style that were available, includ
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  • ...about a person who was carried by four demons before the prince of demons. Look in the sermon “Well done, good servant!”)
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  • Regarding possible hagiographic influences on Passio Kanuti we must look outside Scandinavia (no Legend of St. Olaf of Norway is, for instance, know
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  • ...“Earth” point, which is now no longer its centre, the graduation will look oblique and uneven.
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  • ...atic and we do seem to have a Norwegian transmission of the text, one must look for other centres of power having connections with ecclesiastical instituti ...d background are virtually non-existent. On general grounds we should also look to the rich literary world of Henry the Lion’s Saxony: his court at Braun
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  • ...and “Guldholm”: the account crops up in many places in this attempt to look at the presence of the Cistercians in Denmark as a whole).
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  • ...ining The Book of Herbs with 150 chapters, fols. 2v–43v. Fols. 25v–27v look like a medical book proper, whose subject is not herbs but diseases in diff
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  • ...g here the fact that many entries give us first-hand evidence, we will now look for some of the written sources used by the brothers behind the Diarium. In
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  • ...icus vetustior'' (Lund, University Library, MS 7) (WEIBULL 1923). A closer look into the origin, character, and content of the ''Liber Daticus'', however a
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  • ...e how the Minorite or Franciscan friars were driven out of their convents, looking forward to some coming lawsuit, such events are dated and documented wit
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  • ...ntioned above. The operations done on the instrument mainly simulate table look-ups, certain additions and subtractions, and multiplications by constants.
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