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MOL221 - Computer exercise - Powerpoint Report Guidelines

  • You work as pairs, but write your individual Reports in the form of a Powerpoint file (as described in the introduction to this exercise; - you can also use alternatives to powerpoint) and the file must be submitted as a PDF-file); - max 21 pages. Submission will be per MyUiB (information will follow). Each student in each pair should make a distinct style/layout.
  • The first page (slide) of the powerpoint must contain your name, and the name of the student you worked in pair with, and which MOL221 group you are part of.
  • For most questions, one page of information is sufficient. For e.g. structure information etc., a few pages may be required.
  • If you do not find information for one of the questions, you must state that and explain where and how you searched.
  • You must properly cite which bioinformatical resources you have used to gather the information you present in the report. For those resources that are listed in the questions page, it is - for the sake of this exercise - sufficient to cite the name of the resource. But you must cite entry names or accession numbers. Other resources you use must be cited with both URL (link) to the resource and the literature citation (usually found on the resource home page; look for a statement on 'how to cite this resource' or similar). Whenever you use bionformatical resources in reports, theses, or scientific papers, proper citation is required. The purpose of citations is that others should be able to repeat and redo your analysis.
  • When you use tools not described in these wiki-pages, you must cite both the names and affiliated institution were the tool was developed and provided as well as the URL.
  • For some questions (e.g. biochemical reaction) it makes most sense to provide the answer in the form of a direct quote from the data resource. For other questions, however, when a large amount of information comes up (e.g. structures in PDB, post-translational modifications), you should try summarise the information in a nice and coherent way, not just list them all.

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