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Welcome to Faggruppe Molecular Biology

This Wiki is meant as a tool for the students and staff working in our laboratories. The research groups that inhabit these laboratories are: NucReg, Cell Stress and the Grellscheid lab, all of which are part of the Department of Biological Sciences.

Before you start working in our laboratories

No one is allowed to work in our laboratories until completing safety training by the lab manager in the respective lab. This includes going through the information in the safety pass and completing a short laboratory safety test. You will also find information about the laboratory rules in our Faggruppe here. Please note that the lab managers have the authorization to expel you from the lab if you do not follow our safety rules.

Map of our facilities

Our labs are located at the 4th floor (norw:5th floor) in the bio block at the High Technology Centre. Areal MB.jpg

  • Laboratories are indicated in red.
  • Instrument rooms are indicated in green.
  • Meeting rooms/common rooms are indicated in purple.