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Tina is leaving her position as the chief engineer of the MRI facility on July 31st 2016

After nearly 8 years as a chief engineer on the preclinical MRI system at the Dep. of Biomedicine, Tina is leaving MIC to start as an application specialist at NordicNeuroLab (NNL) in Bergen. NNL makes hardware for fMRI investigations and neuroimaging (diffusion, perfusion, fMRI) software. "I want to express my thanks to all the MRI users for making my work interesting, diverse and challenging. Special thanks to those of you with whom I collaborated on scientific projects. I will miss you all!" Tina

Upgrade to Paravision 6.01 software

We have upgraded from Paravision version 5.1 to 6.01. The new version of Paravision is very different from the old one, so all users have to be trained by MIC personnel to operate the MRI scanner with the new software. Please, get in touch with Tina or Frits in good time before your scheduled experiments.

Upgrade of the 7T Pharmascan

MIC is happy to inform you that a major upgrade of our MRI equipment was performed in Dec 2012. This upgrade included the following:
1. New animal beds for mice and rats;
2. New RF coils: this will include new volume coils (similar design as what we have now, but improved hardware properties), surface coils for mouse and rat brain imaging, and surface coils for imaging tumors close to the skin, for instance implantations on the extremities. All these coils are going to improve SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) of the images and/or imaging time;
3. New shim system: the new shim system will improve magnetic field homogeneity which will especially benefit spectroscopic, diffusion and perfusion imaging;
4. New gradient coil: the new gradient coil and gradient amplifier will be able to deliver more than 2 times (760 versus 300 mT/m) the gradient strength we have now. This will improve especially measurements of diffusion, but also in some cases resolution of the images;
5. New computer controlling the imager: more storage space, better RAM.

You can read more about the upgrade here

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