Getting Started

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  1. Contact Hans Olav Rolfsnes
    • Please, contact Hans Olav Rolfsnes if you have questions about getting started or to discuss the feasibility of your proposed study.
  2. Submit a Proposal
    • Please, fill out the online form describing your proposed research project.
    • Note: the proposal has to describe not only the research, but also identify the scanner operators as these will have to receive Safety and Operator Training (see below).
  3. Safety Training
    • This section is under construction.
  4. Operator Training
    • Complete step 3 above.
    • Email Hans Olav to schedule hands-on operator training.
    • Read the 7T Scanner operation section on How To page and MR course notes on Safety and Operator Training before the hands-on training session to familiarise yourself with the system.
    • Complete hands-on operator training.
    • Take the Quiz and email it to Hans Olav.
    • After fulfilling the above requirements, we will create a user for you on the MRI machine.
  5. Vivarium Building and MR Room Access
    • To get access to Vivarium you first need to have the access card from Helse Bergen (Haukeland University Hospital ID card). If you have one, email the card number to Kai Brandt so he can contact the card office to give you access to Vivarium. If you do not have the card yet, you will have to go to the card office in person and they will take a picture of you and make you a card.
    • To get access to the MRI room in Vivarium you have to email Kai Brandt. He will then give you a set of keys for the outer and inner doors of the MRI facility.
  6. Booking Scanner Time
    • Complete steps 3 and 4 above.
    • Visit the booking site and register as a user at MIC (Molecular Imaging Center). While registering, you have to ask to have booking privileges on MRI system.
    • To familiarise yourself with the booking system, read Quick guide to the new booking system
    • Click here for an up to date price list for using the scanner (bottom of page). Note that there are different prices for academic and commercial users as well as for assisted and non-assisted use.
  7. MRI Mailing List
    • Email Hans Olav to include you in the mri emailing list. The list is used to keep users informed about the status of the MRI system, updates and upgrades, courses and other events related to MRI, both within Norway and abroad, etc.
  8. Read the How To page for more info
    • The page has a lot of information on the operation of the 7T scanner, scanning protocols and pulse sequences, data transfer and analysis, animal physiology and anaesthesia, training, safety, etc.
  9. Scanning