Safety and Operator Training

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Safety Training

Operator Training

MRI Course

  1. The MRI course will continue to be offered once a year, in the Fall (Sept/Oct). The course will be optional, but strongly recommended for anyone that would like to understand the MRI in more depth. It would thus be suited for people who have ongoing MRI projects and thus need a certain level of understanding of MR physics, SNR dependancies, etc.
  2. All new users without prior MRI training have to be trained by either Tina Pavlin or Frits Thorsen in practical matters (safety, animal handling) and how to operate the scanner. The cost of training will be the assisted use price (400 NOK/hour) in addition to the price of the instrument. This price is fixed per hour of assisted use time, so if users are able to organize themselves such that we can train more than one person (but no more than 4) per session, the price per user will be reduced accordingly.
  3. New users with prior MRI training and experience have to demonstrate their knowledge by fulfilling the requirement stated in point 4 before they become registered MR users.
  4. All new users will have to take a multiple choice test before being approved as registered users. This test will be based on the handouts that we will distribute during training (and also uploaded on our website). There will be no passing/failing grade on this test; however, wrong answers will necessitate additional training and, therefore, costs.
  5. Registered users who have not used the MRI system for more than a year need to contact either Tina Pavlin or Frits Thorsen to get updated on guidelines, rules and responsibilities, as well as new software and/or hardware.
  • MRI Course Lectures, part 1: NMR/MRI Basics pdf
  • MRI Course Lectures, part 2: Basics of Spatial Encoding pdf
  • MRI Course Lectures, part 3: SNR Theory pdf
  • MRI Course Lectures, part 4: Contrast Theory pdf
  • Tutorial: Fundamental Physics of MR Imaging pdf
  • Quiz pdf

Books on MRI and NMR