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NMR laboratoriet er på Facebook

Det har nå blitt opprettet en facebook side for NMR laben på Kjemisk institutt. her vil det bli lagt ut nyttig informasjon om booking, instrumenter, reparasjoner, service, osv. Sjekk ut: http .

NMR techniques for high resolution diffusion ordered NMR spectroscopy (DOSY)

Several new NMR techniques for diffusion ordered NMR spectroscopy (DOSY) have been implemented on the 500 and 600 MHz instruments. These techniques enables characterization of the individual components in complex mixtures, and measurements of interactions between molecules (for instance protein-ligand interactions) Contact John Georg Seland for more information.

The 12th National Norwegian MR meeting

The 12th National Norwegian MR meeting (MR 2012) will take place on Tuesday, January 10th and Wednesday the 11th, 2012 at the Radisson Blu in Nydalen in Oslo. See for more information.

New webpage for the Norwegian Society of Magnetic Resonance

Norwegian Society of Magnetic Resonance (NSMR) is an independent organization encouraging cooperation between the different parts of the Norwegian MR communities. The organization was officially established on January 17. 2008. The organization did also change its name from NMRNC (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance National Committee) to NSMR (Norwegian Society of Magnetic Resonance) on this date. The organization is independent of the other Norwegian Scientific Organizations. NSMR is arranging the Norwegian National MR meetings in January every second year (formerly - the Norwegian National NMR Meetings).

The new webpage is available at:

Free software for visualizing NMR theory

Do you have a mac, an iphone or an ipad, and you are interested in understanding more of the NMR theory? Then you should check out the software called Insensitive. It connects the theory of the vector model, product operators and density matrix, and generates spectra based on different spin systems and pulse sequences.

It is really great! Read more and download at this link