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== overskrift 2 ==
== FLUKA ==
=== overskrift 3 ===
=== Flair ===
== GEANT4 ==

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Monte Carlo simulations for medical applications

This page will contain information on Monte Carlo simulations with FLUKA and GEANT4. for medical applications.

The content of this page can be viewed by members of the medical physics research group at the Institute for Physics and Technology at the University of Bergen

A Relative neutron dose from  carbon ions and photons.




FLUKA is a general purpose Monte Carlo particle transport code covering a wide range of applications including basic research in high energy physics, radiation protection, dosimetry and a number of other applications. The use of FLUKA in Monte Carlo simulations related to radiation therapy, including protons and carbon ions, has previously been evaluated.

General information can be found at the FLUKA web-page

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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