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The main topics of the wiki are:
The main topics of the wiki are:
[[Microdosimetry - Dosimetric quantities and Si-3D-diodes]]
[[Monte Carlo Simulations]]
[[Monte Carlo Simulations - Fluka and Geant4]]
[[Risk Modelling and Clinical Treatment Planning Systems]]
[[Risk Modelling and Clinical Treatment Planning Systems]]
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== FLUKA ==
[[Image:3d_cut_carbon_photon.png|right|thumb|300px| Relative distribution of neutron dose on the surface and inside water phantoms irradiated with a 3 x 3 cm2 photon field in the 15 MV energy mode (right) and a carbon ion irradiation of a 3 x 3 x 3 cm3 target volume (left). The radiation fields enter the center of the cube from above. ]]
=== FLUKA basics ===
[[FLUKA]] is a general purpose Monte Carlo particle transport code covering a wide range of applications including basic research in high energy physics, radiation protection, dosimetry and a number of other applications. The use of FLUKA in Monte Carlo simulations related to radiation therapy, including protons and carbon ions, has previously been evaluated.
In order to download and install FLUKA you need to register as a user on [http://www.fluka.org/ the official FLUKA web-page]. The web-site also contains a lot of useful information including [http://www.fluka.org/fluka.php?id=courses&sub=ALL lectures and exercises from FLUKA courses].
Information on installation, creating and running simulations can be found at the dedicated [[FLUKA]] page of this wiki.
=== Flair ===
[[FLUKA#Flair and Flair-Geoviewer|Flair]] is an advanced user friendly interface for FLUKA to facilitate the editing of FLUKA input files, execution of the code and visualization of the output files. It is based entirely on python and Tkinter. Information on Flair can be found [[FLUKA#Flair and Flair-Geoviewer|here]] and downloads are available at the official [http://www.fluka.org/flair Flair web-page.]
=== FLUKA scripting tools ===
Since Flair is based on the programming language [https://www.python.org/ Python], it is easy to add scripts using the Python interfaced specified in Flair.
Some tools are specified on the [[FLUKA tools]] page.
== GEANT4 ==
Geant4 is a toolkit for the simulation of the passage of particles through matter. Its areas of application include high energy, nuclear and accelerator physics, as well as studies in medical and space science. The two main reference papers for Geant4 are published in Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research  [http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0168900203013688 (A 506 (2003) 250-303)], and IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science [http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpls/abs_all.jsp?isnumber=33833&arnumber=1610988&count=33&index=7&tag=1 (53 No. 1 (2006) 270-278)].

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Particle therpy research at the University of Bergen

The purpose of this wiki is to provide information for students and employees at the University of Bergen working in the field of particle therapy, i.e., radiation therapy with protons and heavier ions. The main topics of the wiki are:

Microdosimetry - Dosimetric quantities and Si-3D-diodes

Monte Carlo Simulations - Fluka and Geant4

Risk Modelling and Clinical Treatment Planning Systems

The content of this page can be viewed by members of the medical physics research group at the Institute for Physics and Technology at the University of Bergen.

For questions related to this wiki or its content, please send an email to Kristian Smeland Ytre-Hauge()


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