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{{#invoke:Lua banner|main}}

This template creates a box with two to ten images arranged vertically or horizontally with captions for the entire box and/or for each images.

Syntax and parameters

{{Multiple image
<!-- Essential parameters -->
 | align =         <!-- right (default), left, center, none --> 
 | direction =     <!-- horizontal (default), vertical -->
 | background color =  <!-- box background -->

<!-- Header -->
 | header_background = 
 | header_align =  <!-- center (default), left, right -->
 | header = 

<!-- Images -->
 | width =         <!-- image width in pixels (an integer, omit "px" suffix); overrides "width[n]"s below -->
<!--image 1-->
 | image1 =        <!-- filename only, i.e. without "File:" or "Image:" prefix -->
 | width1 = 
 | alt1 = 
 | link1 = 
 | caption1 = 
<!--image 2-->
 | image2 =        <!-- filename only, i.e. without "File:" or "Image:" prefix -->
 | width2 = 
 | alt2 = 
 | link2 = 
 | caption2 = 
<!-- and so on, to a maximum of 10 images (image10) -->

<!-- Footer -->
 | footer_background = 
 | footer_align =  <!-- left (default), center, right -->
 | footer = 
Parameter Description
align right (default), left, center
direction horizontal (default), vertical
background color To set the background color of the box in which the images appear.
header_align center (default), left, right
width Use to set the same width for each image (i.e. overrides any width[n] below). Do not include if different image widths intended.
image[n] (where [n] = 1 to 10)  Filename of [n]th image.
width[n] (as above)  Width (in pixels, integer, omit "px") of [n]th image. Overriden by width (if set).
alt[n] (as above)  Alt description for [n]th image.
link[n] (as above)  To specify the page to which the [n]th image is linked (i.e. the page that is loaded when the image is clicked). If set as empty (e.g. ...|alt1=... |link1= |caption1=...), linking is disabled (even to the standard Wikipedia image description page); consider WP:ALT.
Note: This parameter must not be used with images that have been given free licenses (such as the GDFL or a free CC license) as these licenses require images to be linked to a declaration of the license under which they are being used.
caption[n] (as above)  Caption for the [n]th image.
caption_align left (default), center, right
footer_align left (default), center, right


{{#invoke:Multiple image|render}}

{{Multiple image
 | width = 60
 | image1 = Yellow card.svg
 | alt1 = Yellow cartouche
 | image2 = Red card.svg
 | alt2 = Red cartouche
 | footer = Players are cautioned with a yellow card and sent off with a red card.

{{#invoke:Multiple image|render}}

{{Multiple image
 | align = left
 | direction = vertical
 | width = 200
 | header = [[PNG]] transparency demonstration
 | image1 = PNG transparency demonstration 1.png
 | alt1 = Colored dice with white background
 | caption1 = A PNG image with an 8-bit transparency layer...
 | image2 = PNG transparency demonstration 2.png
 | alt2 = Colored dice with checkered background
 | caption2  = ...here overlaying a checkered background.

{{#invoke:Multiple image|render}}

{{Multiple image
 | width = 60
 | image1=Ribbon numeral 2.png | alt1=2
 | image2=Ribbon numeral 3.png | alt2=3
 | image3=Ribbon numeral 4.png | alt3=4
 | footer = When a user has many of one type of [[WP:BARN|barnstar]], they can represent them with [[WP:RIBBON|ribbons]] and these numerals to indicate the count.

with background color

{{#invoke:Multiple image|render}}

{{Multiple image
 | background color = #BBDD99
 | width = 160
 | image1 = Adoxa_moschatellina_210406.jpg
 | alt1 = Green herb with a few tiny yellow-white flowers
 | image2 = Adoxa_moschatellina_210406a.jpg
 | alt2 = Three small white and yellow flowers before green-leaf background
 | image3 = adoxa_moschatellina_blatt.jpeg
 | alt3 = Leaves of a plant, in groups of three each with three lobes
 | footer_background = #BBDD99
 | footer_align = center
 | footer = [[Adoxa]] (''Adoxa moschatellina'')

with links (link[n])

{{#invoke:Multiple image|render}}

{{Multiple image
 | align = left

 | image1 = Frecklesmule.jpg
 | width1 = 143
 | alt1 = A mule
 | link1 = Mule
 | caption1 = <center>A mule<br/>(骡子 ''luózi'')</center>

 | image2 = Donkey 1 arp 750px.jpg
 | width2 = 150
 | alt2 = A donkey
 | link2 = 
 | caption2  = <center>A donkey<br/>(驴子 ''lǘzi'')</center>

 | image3 = Rainbow_trout.png
 | width3 = 91
 | alt3 = A trout
 | caption3  = <center>A fish<br/>({{lang|zh|2=鱼}} ''yú'')</center>

 | footer = The image of the mule links to [[Mule]]; the image of the donkey does not link anywhere; the image of the trout links to a [[Image description page|standard image description page]].

using direction

By default, the images the template presents are displayed horizontally, as a row (see left; equivalent to setting |direction=horizontal). To display them vertically, i.e. as a column, set |direction=vertical (see right). {{#invoke:Multiple image|render}} {{#invoke:Multiple image|render}}

to match image heights


  • Decide on a common height for the images, say 100 pixels.
  • Examine the individual image pages to obtain the full resolution. For example:
  • For non-square images, use these figures to construct an expression for the |widthn= parameters, of the form:
    • {{#expr: (dh * ow / oh) round 0}}
  • where
    • dh is the desired height in pixels (100)
    • ow is the original width in pixels (750 or 300)
    • oh is the original height in pixels (536 or 300)
  • For square images, simply set the appropriate |widthn= to be the desired height. If all are square, only |width= needs to be set.

{{#invoke:Multiple image|render}}

{{Multiple image
 | align = right

 | image1 = Donkey 1 arp 750px.jpg
 | width1 = {{#expr: (100 * 750 / 536) round 0}}
 | alt1 = A donkey
 | caption1 = Rectangular image of a donkey, originally 536 pixels high.

 | image2 = Rainbow_trout.png
 | width2 = 100
 | alt2 = A trout
 | caption2 = Square image of a trout, originally 300 pixels high.

 | footer = Both images have been rendered with height 100 pixels.


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

Multiple image

<templatedata> {

   "description": "This template creates a box with two to ten images arranged vertically or horizontally with captions for the entire box and/or for each images.",
   "params": {
       "align": {
           "type": "string",
           "label": "Align",
           "default": "right",
           "description": 'left/right/center/none — sets text-wrapping around image box, where "none" places the box on the left edge with no text-wrapping, "center" places the box at center with no text-wrapping and "left" and "right" refer to position of box on screen with text-wrapping.'
       "direction": {
           "default": "horizontal",
           "type": "string",
           "label": "Direction",
           "description": "horizontal/vertical"
       "width": {
           "type": "string",
           "label": "Width",
           "description": 'width overrides width1, width2, width3, etc. If you want the images to be different sizes, do not provide the width parameter. Integer width in pixels; no "px" suffix'
       "background color": {
           "type": "string",
           "label": "Background color",
           "description": "defines the background color between the border of the box and the images."
       "header": {
           "type": "string",
           "label": "Header"
       "footer": {
           "type": "string",
           "label": "Footer"
       "caption_align": {
           "default": "left",
           "type": "string",
           "label": "Caption alignment",
           "description": "left/right/center"
       "header_align": {
           "default": "center",
           "type": "string",
           "label": "Header alignment",
           "description": "left/right/center"
       "footer_align": {
           "default": "left",
           "type": "string",
           "label": "Footer alignment",
           "description": "left/right/center"
       "header_background": {
           "type": "string",
           "label": "Header background"
       "footer_background": {
           "type": "string",
           "label": "Footer background"
       "image1": {
           "description": 'image1 is name of first image. Similarly for image2, etc. File name only; no "File:" or "Image:" prefix.',
           "type": "string"
       "width1": {
           "description": "width1 is width of first image. Similarly for width2, etc.",
           "type": "number"
       "alt1": {
           "type": "string",
           "description": "alt1 is alt text of first image (see WP:ALT). Similarly for alt2, etc."
       "caption1": {
           "type": "string",
           "description": "caption1 is caption of first image. Similarly for caption2, etc."
       "link1": {
           "type": "string/wiki-page-name",
           "description": "is where the first page links to. Similarly for link2, etc. If not specified, image links to the image description page as usual. If specified to the empty value, the image does not link anywhere; this should be used for purely decorative images as per WP:ALT.\nImportant: If the image is under a free license like the GFDL or a CC license, you must not use this parameter as the terms of those licenses require the license, or a link to it, to be reproduced with the image. The image must, therefore, link to its image page. Public domain and (theoretically) fair use images are not subject to this restriction."
       "image2": {},
       "width2": {},
       "alt2": {},
       "caption2": {},
       "link2": {},
       "image3": {},
       "width3": {},
       "alt3": {},
       "caption3": {},
       "link3": {}

} </templatedata>

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