QuinCe Wiki

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This Wiki contains information for users of the QuinCe website used for upload, processing and quality control of measurements of surface ocean CO2 data from ships and moorings. The primary purpose of this wiki is to provide help and information to users of the site. As such it will act as a user manual.


The QuinCe Blog is updated when new features are added to the site. Each new release will be given its own blog entry describing what has changed. It is the best way to find out about new features, bug fixes etc.

Alpha Testing

QuinCe is currently in alpha testing with a few volunteers. It is not yet complete and will change in significant ways before it is finally released. There are currently enough volunteers for this, but more people will be invited as the site develops.

A couple of pages on the Wiki will help Alpha users to understand what they can and cannot do with the site as it is developed. Early versions of instructions for some pages are also included to test the documentation too.

  • Alpha:Functions describes what you can do in the Alpha version of QuinCe, and what you cannot yet do (but will be able to do in the future).

Contacting the QuinCe developers

A dedicated email address for QuinCe has been set up: quince@uib.no. This can be used to report bugs, request features etc. In the meantime, the alpha testers will be told who to contact regarding QuinCe as they test it.