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QuinCe Alpha Testing

QuinCe is currently in Alpha testing, with restricted functionality. The main purpose of the releases made so far is to provide a proof of concept, showing how QuinCe will work and the types of functions that will be available. Test users will be able to explore these limited functions and provide feedback on missing features etc. that should be included before QuinCe is opened up to a wider audience. To that end, the alpha testing phase is limited to a few volunteer users who are willing to put in time exploring the software as it develops.

This page list the functions that are available in the current version of QuinCe, and which features are being developed but are not yet available. At the moment, usage is restricted to data from a single test instrument. Users cannot provide details of their own instruments, and neither can they perform tests with their own data. Testing volunteers will be given a pre-defined instrument and some data files they can use with it.

Available Functions

  • Uploading a data file
  • Data reduction and automatic QC
  • User QC (initial functionality)
  • Export of processed data files

The User QC is complete in the sense that all required functions can be performed. However, the interface has several limitations and areas for improvement that are in development - this is the primary focus of the alpha testing at this stage.

Functions you shouldn't touch

Some functions are in the current version of QuinCe, but should not be used because the consequences of doing so are unpredictable and will probably cause issues. These functions are:

  • Defining new instruments
  • Specifying sensor calibrations and gas standards
  • Editing your user account

Functions to be Implemented

  • Defining your own instruments, with sensor calibrations and gas standards
  • QC of gas standards prior to data reduction and main QC of data
  • User account editing

Using the Alpha release of QuinCe

Some pages describing how to use the Alpha version of QuinCe can be found in the Alpha Manual.