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This page describes how to use the available features in the Alpha version of QuinCe. Currently this is restricted to uploading files and performing QC on them. Other features will become available over time.

Uploading A File

When you log in to QuinCe, you are shown the File List, which is the list of files you have uploaded. Of course, this will be empty when you first start.

You will already have an instrument (with sensor calibrations and gas standards) set up for the test data files you received by email. To upload those files, click the Upload button beneath the file list.

On the next page, select the pre-defined instrument from the drop down list.


Then select one of the supplied files to upload. QuinCe will perform some initial checks to make sure that the file is in the expected format, and then show a table. This lists the dates of the records in the file, and the sensor calibrations and gas standards that will be used during processing. You can either choose to upload a different file, or submit this one for processing.


Once you submit the file, you will be returned to the file list. Your uploaded file will be in the list. The actions you can perform on the file are listed on the right:

Qc.png Perform QC

Export.png Export the file (only available once QC is complete)

Delete.png Delete the file

Recalculate.png Force QuinCe to repeat the data reduction and automatic QC

While the file is being processed, the only available action is to delete the file. The status of the processing is shown in the Status column. This will go through Extract, Initial check, Data reduction, Automatic QC, and finally User QC. At this point you will be able to start manual QC.

The other important portion of the file list is the QC flags:


The QC Stats column shows the results of the automatic quality control. The first (red) number is the number of records that the automatic QC thought were Bad. The second (yellow) numbers are those that were marked Questionable, and the third (green) number is the count of records where no problems were found.

The WOCE Stats column is much the same, but they show the results of the user's QC. The extra blue number in this column is a count of all the records that need to be checked by the user. These are the records that were flagged as Good or Questionable by the automatic QC, and they must be verified by the user. Once these records have been processed on the QC page, the blue number will be zero and the file will be ready for export.