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Colors in My Space

Different colors for Classes and Communities indicates where you are in My Space:

  • My Space/Home, Classes and Communities, My Calendar, My Files and Control Panel are blue.
  • Classes and Subgroups in Classes are green.
  • Communities and Subgroups in Communities are purple.

How to create classes in My Space

Access to Classes and Communities in My Space


  • Are automatically placed in classes and communities on the basis of their formal class- and exam registrations at StudentWeb. They are also automatically placed in communities based on their affiliation to study programme, institute and faculty.
  • All the information published in class or community pages is displayed on the student’s personal page, "My Space".
  • Students cannot drop classes for which they have registered for examinations. You can thus be sure that published information will be displayed on students’ personal pages (My Space).


  • Are not automatically placed in classes or communities but they can join them through [Join/Drop a Class or Community Group ] in the Classes and Community portlet in My Space. Please note that membership in classes and communities does not confer administrator rights (write access).

Administrator rights

  • Each department has one or more superusers who establish administrator rights (write access) for teaching staff. This is normally the duty of the study consultant.
  • If you have been granted administrator rights (write access) in a class or community, they will automatically be displayed in the class and community portlet in My Space.
  • Contact a superuser at your department if you wish administrator rights (write access) to a class or community.

Displaying a class in My Space for longer than a usual semester:

  • The classes normally disappear from the students’ overview in My Space on 1 January and 1 July respectively.
  • It is possible to extend memberships for the students in a class into the following semester for a limited period of time. This is useful if you wish to receive an assessment of the teaching at the beginning of January for a class that ended in the fall.

How to extend the display period for a class for students:

  • On the Admin page for the class under Group Administration, go to "Edit Group Properties - Change name, description, extend memberships, etc."
  • Set a final date for displaying the class in "Extend student memberships in the Class to the selected date"
  • Note: The maximum extension is 6 months from 1 January and 1 July respectively.
  • If no date is set before January 1 or July 1, the students class memberships will be dropped on these dates.

How to create subgroups

Subgroups in a class are used, among other things, to divide students into smaller groups, e.g. tutorial groups, seminar groups, laboratory groups and similar. Subgroups have the same tools/functions as the home page for the class or community.

Creation of subgroups via Felles Studentsystem (FS)

Creation of subgroups directly in a class or community

  • Note: It takes time to create subgroups in My Space. It is therefore recommended that you create subgroups via FS, see info above.
  • Go via the Admin-page or the portlet Subgroups: Select "New Subgroup"
  • Give the subgroup a name and, if applicable, a description
  • Select "Join Policy":
    • Open: The students can choose to join the subgroup themselves
    • Closed: The administrator enters members via "Manage Membership"
    • Needs Approval: Users can request membership. Requests must be approved by the administrator via "Manage Membership".
  • If the Join policy is set to "closed" you can define a date and time for when the subgroup should open for registration.
  • You can also define a limit of how many students that can sign up as members in the subgroup.
    • This limit does not include persons with an administrative role in the subgroup. (Administrators are counted in addition to the student member limit).
    • The limit is for students or other members that choose to click on "Join" the subgroup.
    • Note also that the administrators can override a limit by adding more members through the "Sort/Manage" in the memberlist.
  • Click "OK" to create the subgroup
    • Wait until it is created (this may take some time)
  • Add members or tell the students to join a subroup of their choice (see Join Policy above).

How to remove (archive) a subgroup

  • Subgroups can be removed (archived) so that they are no longer displayed in My Space
    • The subgroup will no longer be visible to anyone in My Space, not even for the administrators
    • Note: You can not make an archived subgroup visible again after it has been archived
  • Go to the Admin-page and click the "Archive this group" option under Group Administration
  • An alternative to archiving a group is to set the enrollment policy to "Closed" under Group Administration and drop the students memberships. This way the students will no longer have access to the subgroup.

List of favourites

  • When you have over 40 class memberships you will automatically get search fields instead of a list of your classes and communities.
  • If you have over 40 class memberships you can make your own list of favourites that will be available as a list in addition to the search fields
  • The list of favourites is administrated under the "Classes and Communities" tab.
    • Find/search for the classes/communities that you wish to save as your personal favourites and check the checkbox
    • Remember to save your changes by clicking "Update favourites"
    • You can add as many classes/communities as you want

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