My Space - Administration of roles, access, features and the appearance of pages

Administration of My Space

  • Administrators in classes and communities have access to an Admin-page. Only those with administrator rights (write access) to a class or community have access to the Admin-page.
  • With the exception of the calendar and the file storage, all functions (News, email, forums etc.) can be administered from the Admin-page.
  • Administrator rights are granted by the superuser at your department or faculty.

Roles and rights

  • There are only two types of rights in My space; reading rights and writing rights (administration rights).
  • Persons with reading rights are either ordinary members or students
  • Persons with writing rights can have one of the following titles; Professor/Lecturer, Teaching Assistant, Course Administrator or Administrator.
    • Therefore there is no difference in the rights between an Administrator and a Teaching Assistant.
  • In Communities in My Space there is only members and administrators. (Only administrators have writing rights)
  • Some administrators are shown in the Staff List in the Classes in My Space:
Rolle Vises under stab Role Shown in Staff List Administrator rights
Emneansvarlige/Forelesere Ja Professor/Lectures Ja / yes Ja / yes
Undervisningsassistent Ja Teaching Assistant Ja / yes Ja / yes
Administrativ kontaktperson Ja Course Administrator Ja / yes Ja / yes
Administrator Nei Administrator Nei / No Ja / yes
Student Nei Student Nei /No Nei / No
-- Nei


Nei /No Nei / No
Sensor Nei Sensor Nei /No Nei / no
  • The role Sensor is a member role and therefore has no administrating rights.
    • Persons with the Sensor role can see all the assignments submitted in the assessment folder and the Master`s thesis folder.
    • The Sensor role should be used to give external sensors admission to retrieve assignments from My Space on their own and to prevent the internal sensors (with administrator rights) to see the content in the Learning folder.
    • A person with the Sensor role in a class will automatically get the sensor role in all the subgroups in the class as well.
  • The sensor role can be set either in classes in My Space or in Felles Studentsystem (FS)
    • If a person has the role as Professor/Lecturer and then gets the sensor role, their admin rights will not be reduced. (They will still be able to admin the class and see the content in the Learning folder).

Grant administrator rights

  • As an administrator for a class or a community, you can grant other employees administrator rights.
    • This is done by clicking the Manage Membership link in the Admin-page.
    • Then enter the person’s surname or username in the field Add A Member and click Search.
    • In the next window you select the person who is to be given administrator rights by clicking on his or her name.
    • Finally, you must state the role the person is to have in the class/community/subgroups.

Grant adminitrator rights in several classes

If you are going to grant access rights to a person for several classes, it is possible to clone your memberships for up to 20 classes at a time. Provided that you have administration rights to grant.

  • This is done via "Control Panel"
  • Select "Clone my memberships (with admin rights)"
  • Find the user you wish to grant membership to. You can search by username or surname.
  • Click in the radio button (the circle) to select the person you wish to grant administrator rights to
  • Select "Term" (semester). Your classes and communities for the current semester are listed automatically. NOTE: Only classes and communities for which you have administrator rights are listed. Select other semesters if desirable. Classes for coming semesters become available in December (spring) and June (autumn).
  • Check the classes you wish to give the person membership in and specify the role.
  • Select "Clone membership for those selected" (This may take some time. Please be patient.)

Add a guest user

A guest user is a person who does not have a user account at UiB ( a SEBRA-account), but who needs access to a class or community through an external account. This can be used, for example, to give guest lecturers or sensors from external institutions access to a given class in My Space.

Note: An external user account should not be created if the person already have an account (UiB-account or external) in My Space. You should therefore search for the person in My Space before creating an account for him/her (Use only the last name when searching).

  • Via Admin for the class or community.
  • Select "Create a new External Limited Access user" - Use this to create an account for someone that does not have an UiB e-mail and do not have a My Space account already. The user will get the same rights as ordinary UiB members, but can not join other classes or communities on their own.
  • Enter the guest user’s email address and name.
  • Sebras password policy is implemented for guest users in My Space from January 5 2009.
    • The system will generate a password for the guest user if you leave the password fields empty.
    • If you manually give the guest user a password it must comply with Sebras password policy
  • Click OK.
  • In the next window that is displayed (may take some time), the user is assigned a role. Select one of the alternatives and click "Add"
  • The next window is an email message with log-on information for the guest user. Here, you can enter supplementary text, but do not remove the existing text.
  • Select "Send email" (You will receive a copy of the email which is sent to the guest user.)
  • The guest user is now displayed in the list of members.

Change the guest users e-mail address

  • If a guest user is already created in My Space, but is registered with the wrong e-mail address do not create a new account for this user.
  • Tell the guest user to change the e-mail address via the "Control Panel" in My Space.

Forgotten password and guest users

  • Guest users must change their password in My Space themselves.
  • If guest users have forgotten their password to My Space they will have to require a new password themselves by following the instructions that come up after they have tried to log on with a wrong password.
  • A new password will then be sent to their e-mail address. (Their e-mail address must be registered correct in My Space).

Deactivating guest users accounts

  • Each semester My Space will automatically deaktivate all the external guest users accounts that have not been used during the last twelve months.
  • The deactivated external guest users can activate their accounts again if they need it later (assuming that they still use the email address assosiated with the account).
    • Log on with the old email address and follow the instructions.

Add multiple (registered) members to a group in My Space

Note: This functionality is only offered in Groups in My Space, not in Classes. Student memberships in classes are never registered manually in Classes in My Space. The student memberships are automatically transferred to My Space after they have registered themselves in StudentWeb.

  • Go to the bottom of the “Manage Members” page.
  • Under “Add users by email” you can add several members to the group in one operation.
  • The following rules apply:
    • Members to be added must already be registered in My Space (have a user account).
    • Use the following email format (Add one per line)
      • Staff:
      • Students:
    • On work days between 09.00 a.m and 03.00 p.m you can add up to 5 members at the time. Outside these hours no restrictions apply.

Administrating classes and communities

  • See a detailed description of how you administrate each feature in My Space here
  • Under the menu "Group Administration" (top left) in the Admin-page, you will find the following administration choices for the homepage of the Class/Community:
    • Copy this class Can only be done once
    • Manage Membership - Add/Remove Demoemne members
    • Customize Portal Layout
    • Change Bulk Mail Policy - All members | Only admins can send bulk mail to this community.
    • Edit Group Properties - Change name, description, extend memberships, etc.
    • Create a new External Limited Access user - Use this to create an account for someone that does not have an UiB e-mail and do not have a My Space account already. The user will get the same rights as ordinary UiB members, but can not join other classes or communities on their own.
    • Manage Applets (add function)

How to add functions (applets) in classes/communities

  • Both the classes and the communities have some standard features/functionalities that are made available on the homepage for the class/community.
  • THere are also additional functionality (Blog, Resources via RSS etc.) which can be added to communities/classes.
    • Go to the Admin-page for the class/community
    • Under "Group Administration"
    • Click on "Manage Applets (add function)"
    • Click on "Add" after the name of the function
    • The added function will be displayed as a portlet on the class/community page
    • You administer the function from the Admin-page

Change the appearance of class/community pages

  • As the administrator of a class/community, you can decide the appearance of the page.
  • You can remove portlets/functions that are not in use, create your own portlets or tabs and move the portlets around on a page.
  • All this is done from the page called "Customize Portal Layout" which you will find in the Admin-page under "Group Administration".
  • The Customize Portal Layout page is structured in a table with two columns and you can scroll downwards to see all the portals available
    • Use the arrows to move portlets to another location on the page.
    • Use the red X icon to remove the portlet altogether.
      • Portlets that have been removed can be added again later if this is desirable. This is done by selecting the function in the drop-down menu "Unused Portlets" and click "Add this portlet here".
  • At the bottom of the page you can create new pages/tabs, and you can also create new names for existing tabs.

About publishing information

  • Information must be published in the class or community to which the target group belongs.
    • News to members in a specific class are published on the class page.
    • E-mails to members in a study program or a department are sent from the programme’s or department’s community page.
  • Everything published on the home pages of the classes/communities where a student is a member is also shown on the students "My Space" (their personal page).

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