My Space - Resources from RSS - administration

  • An applet in which administrators can enter RSS feeds for a class/subgroup which retrieves information from other websites and displays it in a portlet in the subgroup or class.

Add a new Resource (RSS feed):

  • Click the Admin tab for the class/Community and then "Manage subscriptions" under "Resources from RSS”.
  • Write in the URL for an XML news feed which you wish to subscribe to or select a feed the system already knows by selecting them from the dropdown menu "Feed".
  • Click the "Add" button. (the RSS address for, for example, looks like this:
  • You can specify how many feeds are to be shown for each resource by updating the column "Number of items"
  • By editing the column "Titles only?" you can switch between showing only the headings and showing the heading with some of the first text in the feed.

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