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Statistics is a function (a portlet) that can be added to the class/community for which one wishes to obtain statistics. See how to add portlets/functions for instructions on how to add a new portlet. Statistics are shown for the class/community to which the function is added.

It is visible both for students and administrators. But administrators are not able to see individual user`s statistics.

General options

View your own user statistics
General information about your user account in My Space. In addition, you will get information about your own contributions in the system as a whole. Among other things, you will receive information about how many news items you have published on My Space etc.

Other people cannot view your personal statistics.

View your own community statistics
Shows information about the community itself: the number of students, lecturers and sub-groups etc.

Administrator options

  • View statistics for this community:
  • View statistics for the whole system
  • Access control

Community statistics

Information about the community
The name of the community/class is shown, creation date, type of community, number of members, students and lecturers, and the number of sub-groups.
Information about contributions
(Shows your own contributions in the community/class)
Number of forums
Shows the number of forums you have created yourself.
Number of news
Shows how many news items you have published for the community/class.

Note that If you edit the news, the statistics will not be updated - only the original publication is counted.

Number of Surveys
Shows the number of surveys you yourself have created.
Number of Messages
Shows the number of messages you yourself have published in the forum.
Number of Files
shows the number of files.
shows the number of assignments you yourself have submitted.

System statistics

for administrators shows statistics and data from the whole of My Space. Here, you will find information about the number of users, contributions and visitors. It is also possible to generate reports and get an overview of the material that is most visited.

Note: It is not possible to export statistic data to other systems/programs.

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