My Space - Surveys

(Omdirigert frå My space - Survey)
  • In the portlet "Survey" administrators and lecturers will post surveys that they want students to answer.
  • Surveys in My Space are often used for the assessment of tuition.

How to answer a survey:

  • Click on the survey-title
  • Click on "Answer survey"
  • Information about the survey will appear
    • If the survey is anonymous or not will be indicated
  • Fill in your answers to all the questions
    • Required answers are indicated with a red star; *
  • Remember to click "Submit response", (If you forget to do this, your answers will not be submitted or saved)
    • If you do not get a new page with the text "Response submitted. Thank you." after clicking on the "Submit response button, then you must go over your responses to see if you have forgotten any required ansvers etc.
    • Correct what is missing or wrong and try to submit again.

Wiew/edit responses

  • You always have access to view your submitted answers after you have submitted them by clicking "View/edit previous responses"
  • Sometimes you also have access to change/edit your submitted answers until the survey closes by clicking "View/edit previous responses"

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