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Membership in Classes and Communities in My Space

  • On the basis of your formal class- and exam registrations in StudentWeb, you are automatically placed in classes and communities, including study programme, institute and faculty.
  • All information published in class and community pages are displayed on your personal page called My Space.
  • Note that students can not drop classes or communities in My space for which you have formally registered for in StudentWeb.
  • Note: Your classes disappears from the list in "Classes and Communities" in My Space at the end of each semester; January 1 and July 1. Your classes for the next semester will then appear and replace the old classes. You might find your old classes again by clicking on [ Join/Drop a Class or Community Group ] and search for it.


  • Subgroups in a class are used, among other things, to divide students into smaller groups, e.g. tutorial groups, seminar groups, laboratory groups and similar.
  • Some subgroups students can choose to join. To join a subgroup, click on "Join" right after the name of the subgroup.
  • In some subgroups you have to request membership. Click on "Request Membership" right after the name of the subgroup. The Course Administrator must approve the request before membership is granted.

List of favourites

  • When you have over 40 class memberships you will automatically get search fields instead of a list of your classes and communities.
    • Note that students usually do not have this many class memberships so this functionality will normally apply for staff members.
  • If you have over 40 class memberships you can make your own list of favourites that will be available as a list in addition to the search fields
  • The list of favourites is administrated under the "Classes and Communities" tab.
    • Find/search for the classes/communities that you wish to save as your personal favourites and check the checkbox
    • Remember to save your changes by clicking "Update favourites"
    • You can add as many classes/communities as you want

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