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Make files and links available in the File Storage system.

Go to File Storage. There, you can view the folders for the class or community. The folder names are standard, but they can be easily changed by selecting Edit Folder, or Delete This Folder.

In File Storage, you can for example, upload old exam assignments, solutions, PowerPoint presentations from lectures etc. In addition, it is possible to make URLs available. It is also possible to add or delete catalogues and give catalogues new names. To add files, do the following:

  • Click File Storage
  • Choose the catalogue to which the file is to be added
  • Then click Add File
  • Browse for and select the desired file
  • Enter the name of the file
  • Entering a description of the contents is optional.
  • Click OK

The administrator can upload individual files of up to 100 megabytes. For students (others), the limit is 8 megabytes.


Use file formats that can be opened using standard software.

The file has now been made available to all students who are members of the class or community, and it is accessible in File Storage.
In principle, only those with administrator rights can add files (and URLs) in File Storage. In order to give students write access to a folder in File Storage, open the folder in question and select Modify permissions on this folder - Read only/ Both Read and Write Access.

NOTE: Please note that when the students are given both read and write access to a folder, they can change and delete files in the folder, including files that others have made available. We therefore recommend that you should always use the Homework applet (see Homework for more information) for the submission of student assignments etc.

Upload more than one file at a time.

You can upload more than one file at a time (Multiple Files) if the files are compressed in a ZIP file (this can be done in the file storage system on most PCs). Follow the procedure described above, but, instead of entering the name, tick the box for “This is a ZIP file containing multiple files which are to be unzipped". (Note that the name and contents field are grey.) Click OK and the file will automatically be unzipped in the file storage system.

Move/Copy files between folders and classes

You can move/copy several files at a time between folders and classes.
NOTE: There are built-in restrictions for deleting, moving and copying files in and from the Homework folders (the Learning Folder, Assessment Folder and Master’s Thesis Folder). See the section on “Homework” for more information.

  • Open the folder and tick the files that are to be moved or copied.
  • Select Move or Copy.
  • Select the folder and any sub-folder to which you wish to move the files.
  • Select Move here

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