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Welcome to the VIROVAC wiki!

From April 2018 through March 2021 (and beyond), this wiki will be the go-to site for all practical, theoretical and technical information about the FRIPRO independent research project "VIROVAC: filter-feeding mesozooplankton as uncharted accomplices in marine virus ecology", funded by The Research Council of Norway. As of 9 October 2019, this wiki now contains 60 separate wiki articles!

Practical Information

A reference source for all practical information related to VIROVAC, including project number, project administration, progress reports, project duration, budget and publications.


All official documents relating to administration of the VIROVAC project can be found here. This includes the grant application, project revisions and the consortium agreement including appendices.


Here you can find a list of all project partners, their contact information, expertise and skill set relevant for the project. Please update contact information as necessary.


This section provides a list of important meetings, participants, agendas, minutes, etc. Please make your own contributions - the more information the better.


Which volume did we use? How many faecal pellets per well? What was the salinity of the water? Answers to these and many other nail-biting questions about all experimental work performed for VIROVAC can be found here.


A handy repository for all work instructions, recipes and other major and minor tweaks utilised for sampling, sample processing and data analysis.

Field Work

Overview of field campaigns conducted for VIROVAC, with links to associated documents.

Statistics and Data Visualization

R code and documentation for bioinformatic and statistical analyses, as well as graphical representation of project results.


Keeping track of the various cultures that are used for infectivity and clearance experiments.


In this section we will keep all safety-related information and documentation, including risk evaluations.


Plain text drafts of manuscripts.


Find an interesting paper? Make a note of it here.

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